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We're Runleadgen, A DIGITAL MARKETING Agency


Meet CEO & Co-Founder Quinn Thurman

With nearly a decade of hands-on SEO expertise, Quinn has immersed himself in diverse roles, including in-house SEO, SEO agency work, and as a super affiliate. Quinn’s deep-rooted passion for the digital marketing industry fuels their unwavering commitment to assisting enterprises and SMBs in elevating their online presence, brand recognition, and product/service visibility.

Meet CTO & Co-Founder Brian Julkunen

Drawing upon two decades of SEO expertise, Brian stands as a seasoned veteran who has witnessed the dynamic evolution of the SEO landscape. Throughout his extensive journey, he has diligently tested and iterated strategies to adapt to the ever-changing digital terrain. Brian’s mastery in technical SEO and website development is second to none, having catapulted countless websites to the coveted position of page one, rank one in search engine results.

Brian’s technical acumen extends seamlessly across various digital marketing platforms, where he has consistently aided businesses in identifying lucrative opportunities and translating them into resounding successes. 

Meet The RLG Team

RunLeadGen boasts a growing team of marketing professionals who have done it and will do it for you. In house experience, white glove service, and USA based work. You will work directly with us!


CEO & Growth Professional


CTO & Martech Professional




SEO & Marketing Strategist


Marketing Sales Executive


Marketing Automation Executive

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